Persuasive Speech Preparation

This week for writing, we have been learning about Rehearsing and memorise a persuasive speech.Now you might be asking yourself, What is a Persuasive speech? Well, a persuasive speech is a type of speech where the goal is to convince the audience to accept the speaker’s point of view or perform a desired action. The speaker uses words and visuals to guide the audience’s thoughts and actions.  That is what a persuasive speech is.  I’ve been bloging about this because I am going to be in a speech compition against all other people including the whole school! Now, you might have seen a speech competiton before at your school.  But we are doing the exact same thing as it.  But, whoever wins gets a special prize for winning. I need to improve on writing more stuff and explain more to get a lot of information.  I enjoyed when we had to write about a speech to say.  I did well at trying with all my might and hardest and best.

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