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Ice Melt Experiment

This week for Inquiry , we learned about science experiments.We learned about which ice would melt the fastest.At First the ice with no salt melt quick,But the ice with salt on it melted even faster.At the end ,we checked which one won.It seems like the ice with the Tinfoil on wins.Tinfoil makes ice get protected from coldness and makes it get really hot and melt.I need to improve on being more helpful on my team.I really enjoyed when we had to find out which ice would melt the fastest.  I did well at not making anything bad or worse.

Dancing Raisins


For Inquiry this week we did a science experement .We observated and described the behavior of raisins in a carbonated beverage.I predicted it would explode,Make bubbles or even dance in the sprite .I was right about the dancing .Seems like they like dancing in sprite .I need to improve on helping my team puting the stuff in.I enjoyed when the raisins were dancing with the cashews .I just need to improve on listening on stuff.

Taisorn Science Words and Definitions Table

This week we learned about Science experiments.We learned about the hard words about science and the definition of what the word means.We used wordhippo .Wordhippo is a website that can give your any meaning of any word and it can give you more than that.It can give you diffrent words that mean the same thing as the thing your searching up.Fore more information , Use Wordhippo or Kiddle for facts about science.I need to improve on writing a better meaning of a word.I enjoyed researching about the word meaning on wordhippo.I need to focus on Listening about the instructions.

Albert Einstein

Hi guys! This week for Inquiry I had to learn about what a scientist does.  We discussed as a class with Miss Tele’a what scientists do and what different fields of study they work in. We then did some research on a scientist we pick.  I chose to research about Albert Einstein.  Einstein had a hard time when he was young on learning how to speak. This may be why he didn’t even pass his college entrance exam. He ended up becoming a great scientist in the 1900’s and is probably the most famous scientist.

I enjoyed this task because I had to research about Albert Einstein and it makes me have to find mysterys.

I need to improve on Explaining it more better and doing the research properly.

I did well at Researching and writing about him.


Do not litter in the ocean because Sea cretures are getting killed by Waste getting into their mouth.If you see a fish that is choking because of rubbish , Rescue it immidently By taking the rubbish out.I hope you get more info about why you should not throw rubbish into the sea/ocean .