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Clean Up the Ocean – SSR Selfie

This week for Reading, We did some pretty fun stuff. We had to take a google form first about reading. Then we had to choose any book on epic to read about and write about on our SSR Selfie. After that , we had to complete 5 Read Theory quiz’s and we had to blog about them. We did This Reading task to Revise Skills needed to read for meaning and understanding. We had to Revise our Comprehension skills. I need to improve on doing more work and focusing on my usual task. I enjoyed when we did the google form  about how we enjoyed doing Reading This term. I did well at trying my best at my normal work.

Changing Matter

In Reading This week,We learned on how to Revise Skills needed to read for meaning and understanding. We did some spelling and we logged on to epicbooks which is a free reading website for anyone ! If your wondering, What Changing Matter is,It is not about your feelings.They are asking you a science question ! If you love Reading, Head onto Epicbooks by copying and pasting this link here:https://www.getepic.com/app.That’s it for My Reading Task !

I learned that We should try harder on our impresive work.I enjoyed when we did the story on epicbooks.I did well and doing some great and awsome work.

The Dive – Response to Text

In Reading this week, we are learning to revise skills needed to read for meaning and understanding.  All of us are given diffrent stories to read in groups.I was given a story called The Dive.  After we readed the story we had to do all kinds to hard and diffrent tasks.And we had to even write what Josh was thinking when he was standing on the diving board.I need to improve on doing more better at reading.  I enjoyed when we had to read the story and also watch a video about diving.  I did well at trying my best at my work.

Wind Chimes – Response to Text

In reading this week we have been learning about reading texts closely to analyse evidence. We have been making connections between evidence to think and read critically. We practiced reading a text attentively, paying close attention to details (Not just reading quickly)

I need to improve on doing better work.I enjoyed when we had to write what they saw after their escape.I did well at trying my best.

Taisorn T3 Read Alouds

This week for Reading , We were learning about Fluency.We can normally Read with fluency and practise reading with it.Fluency is the ablility to read a text accurately,quickly, and with expression.We can improve our fluency in reading by reading for enjoyment.  I need to improve on reading perfect and not sounding like a robot.  I did well at reading the text.I enjoyed whne we had to record ourselves reading the story.

Taisorn No Rhyme Spotlight

This week for Reading We read a story called No Rhyme. Then we had to do Some Spotlights about some of the words in the spotlight then we did a sacawac.A sacawac is a thing where the words you know what it means goes into jail and your have to free him about by questions. I need to improve on finding out what more words mean. I enjoyed when we had to try to free the words out of jail. I need to have fun on having time to read a poem or a story.

Taisorn Poem Visualising

For reading this week, we have been learning how to identify specific nouns, verbs, adjectives, and sensory details from the text to show the scene vividly.  A noun is a person or object or even animal.  Verbs are action words.  Adjectives tell you more information about nouns by describing them.  Sensory details help us to imagine how something looks, feels, smells, and feels.

My group read the story No Rhyme by Tim Upperton.

Taisorn NZ Caveman-Vocabulary, Taisorn NZ Caveman SACAWAC Words out of Jail & Taisorn T3 Read Alouds

Hi guys! This week for reading I did three things that were different to what we usually do.  For our first week we focused on vocabulary in the story NZ Caveman.  Our first vocabulary task was degrees of meaning where we discussed with a partner whether we think example A or B used the word better.  The second vocabulary task was when we had to SACAWAC some words out of jail.  Our biggest task was recording ourselves reading our text and then marking ourselves on a fluency rubric.

Detectives for the Mystery at Wharepuni Estate

This week in reading we were detectives and had a big inferencing task  that was assigned by Miss Tele’a. My partner Carlo and I, were solving a crime of who stole the missing taonga at the Wharepuni Estate. We had to make inferences so we could knew who it was.  We infer that it was Tama Tuhi.  Because we found his footprints starting from the taonga to the garden.  He was hiding in the bushes and wanted to steal it because he didn’t want to feel guilty if they found it.

I enjoyed trying to find who the culprit was because it was fun.

I did well at using the evidence to make inferences.

Taisorn Ask Questions

This Week We have been Learing About Asking Questions about the characters in the story. Here is What I wrote about in the picture.I was writing some stuff about him to describe him and about how he feels and his actions.Lastly I wrote some questions for the author About the story .I had to write the Authors answers In the bottom right corner.I hope you learn true stuff about questions about any story your Adult asks you about.