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Recycle Your Rubbish!

This week for PB4l we have been learning abour recycling rubbish.  Rubbish is important to pick up and put it away in the bin.  If you see rubbish on the ground, pick it up and throw it in a nearby bin.  Rubbish makes our enviroment bad and useless because some bugs can come to rubbish and litter or even people.  People have to stop littering after they eat.  So if you see rubbish that is not yours, just pick it up so our enviroment can be safe and happy! I need to improve on doing more writing for recycling to make people save the world.  I enjoyed when we had to write about Recycling your own rubbish.  I did well at trying my best. 

Taisorn Swimming Expectations

Hi guys ! This week for PB4L We have been learning about Swimming Expectations and how to use them.I wrote a lot of them and the most important one wrote in all capitals letters.  These rules are very important for you if you go to the pools.  I wish you will learn a lot of rules from this post about the pool rules and to not run.