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Term 3 Review

In LS1, this term was full of exciting things like Swimming, Art , Writing & Maths.

Thinking back on the last few months, I’m so happy about All of our work that we did which was fun to do. Like Kahoot for Writing.

I’ve been busy with all sorts of subjects, but the best part about Term 3 for me was Inquiry. I liked The Science experiments but the sad thing is that we can’t do them anymore.

When it comes to reading, my favourite text I read was Bok Choy.  I most enjoyed Epic books in reading.

Writing was super fun, especially when I got to the narrative part to write in.

My favourite task in writing this term was The Kahoot because We got to answer every quiz that we knew the answer to for fun.

In Maths, I especially enjoyed when we learnt about Pencil code because We’d get to create shapes, Take pictures of them and create the best things of all.

For our special Inquiry experiments, I really enjoyed The melting ice and the Dancing Raisins. Because It looked like they were having a party in the jug but in reality, They are just dancing.

In P.E. (Physical Education), I had a blast participating in Football because It was so fun to kick the ball around and do some kicks and play football with Coach Francis. I liked the part when he told us he was a real soccer player a long times ago.He even showed us his shirt.

I learnt how to do high kicks, And most of all I learned how to be a good sportsmanship.

But you know what? I also found some areas where I can get even better. Like in reading About the read aloud Slides.

While I loved writing, I’ve noticed I need to work on My Persuasive speech and do some more thinking on writing.

Maths was interesting, but I want to get better at fractions.

In our special projects, I realised I need to work on Doing Teamwork and actually be really helpful.

In P.E., I think I could improve, especially in Football .

Looking forward to the next term, I’m excited about Art, Kahoot and Writing.

To sum it up, this term was really fun, and I’m thankful for All the fun stuff we did in term 3 like the dot art.

Thinking about what I liked and what I can improve helps me understand How to be better at helping others.

I can’t wait to see what the next term brings, and I’m ready to Learn better. Here is what our old memories look like at the pools. I’s especially looking forward for Prizegiving, Athaletics, The Film Festabal and Cross country. I need to improve on doing some more work to do some more awsome fun activities. I enjoyed whe  we had to write a lot of stuff about what we liked this term. I did well at trying my best on doing some aswome fun things.

Speech Competion

This week on Wednesday,We had a speech compition.They all had diffrent speeches to show to us and read about to us.Some of them didn’t need to use cue cards to read.They read it a lot and remembered the whole thing ! Isn’t that crasy ? Anyways the one person who said the whole thing without using the cue cards was Marcel.Marcel was so immpresive to listen at ,That he even achevied 3 ceterficates .I was proud at him.He tried his hardest and his best and has never became so happy ! I learned that we can work together and get great and awsome awards and prises.I enjoyed when we had to watch all of the people say their speeches in the finals.I did well and listening to them and not talking.

Persuasive Speech Preparation

This week for writing, we have been learning about Rehearsing and memorise a persuasive speech.Now you might be asking yourself, What is a Persuasive speech? Well, a persuasive speech is a type of speech where the goal is to convince the audience to accept the speaker’s point of view or perform a desired action. The speaker uses words and visuals to guide the audience’s thoughts and actions.  That is what a persuasive speech is.  I’ve been bloging about this because I am going to be in a speech compition against all other people including the whole school! Now, you might have seen a speech competiton before at your school.  But we are doing the exact same thing as it.  But, whoever wins gets a special prize for winning. I need to improve on writing more stuff and explain more to get a lot of information.  I enjoyed when we had to write about a speech to say.  I did well at trying with all my might and hardest and best.

Taisorn Beginning Middle End

This week for Writing we did a narrative plan on pixton.Everyone made a writing plan about rubbish .I made one two and this is my plan. I need to improve on finishing my plan faster and not taking a long time.I liked when we had to create our plan on pixton and your chracters. I need to keep concerntrating on finishing work. Here is the link to Pixton.:https://www.pixton.com/ Copy this url to your webpage and press enter and create an account.

Narrative Elements in Fast and Furious

Hi guys! My name is Taisorn and this week for writing we learned about The Five Narrative Elements.  The five elements are character, setting, plot, conflict and theme.  Character is the who of a story. Setting is the where and when of a story. The plot is the what of the story. Conflict is the why of the story. Theme is the message of the story. So that is the five story elements.  My task was to find examples of the elements in a narrative story.  I chose to find them in the film “Fast and Furious.”

Taisorn Suspenseful Beggining

This week for Writing, we did some suspenseful Beginnings and We wrote about the movie we just watched .It was about Jurrassic World and we had to create a suspenseful Beginning For the movie.I created What happened First, Second and Third.So here is whatyou need to write a suspenseful beginning.You have to include What happned first second and third and you have to include Smell, see touch and taste .Then you can get some info about how to create a suspenseful Beginning every time after you watched a movie/video.I did well at Writing A suspenseful beginning about

Jurassic World.And I need to improve on Explanning what happened in the movie if I blog about it.I mostly enjoyed about the Suspenseful beginning was when I had to create a suspenseful beginning for the movie.

Taisorn Food Safety Article

Dry goods are some sort of food that is dry and is supposed to be put in the freezer top or bottom because it makes it really cool/cold.  Food Safety UK says “Knowing how to store, cook and reheat food at home helps improve food safety and reduce food waste. This page has advice on some common household food safety questions like the sniff test and the egg float test.”

Leftovers and prepared meals are Foods that are prepared by people and Leftovers are Foods that everyone finishes eating and there is some leftovers. Food Safety UK says “Leftovers are surplus foods remaining unconsumed at the end of a meal, which may be put in containers with the intention of eating later. Inedible remains like bones are considered waste, not leftovers.” Depending on the situation, the amount of food, and the type of food, leftovers may be saved or thrown away. At home we can store leftovers and prepared meals by using storage containers. If freezing, we should wrap portions tightly in plastic wrap and place them in freezer-safe zip-top bags.  In the refrigerator, these dishes can be stored for three to four days. In the freezer, pasta and grains can be stored for up to three months.

Canned and packaged foods are”Processed foods” include those that have been cooked, canned, frozen, packaged or nutritionally altered by fortifying, preserving or preparing it in different ways. In other words, any time we cook, bake or prepare a food, we’re creating processed food. At home we can store canned and packaged foods properly byStoring them in a clean, cool, dark, dry place. Don’t store near hot pipes, a range, a furnace, in an uninsulated attic, or in direct sunlight. Under these conditions, food will lose quality in a few weeks or months and may spoil.

At home we can store dry goods properly by storing dried foods in clean, dry home canning jars, plastic freezer containers with tight-fitting lids or in plastic freezer bags. Vacuum packaging is also a good option. Pack foods in amounts that can be used all at once.


Here is my planning and how I wrote this article.

This week for Writing we have been writing about Food Safety and how to not make it go rotten/bad.First, I wrote about dry goods.  Dry goods are important to keep it dry and not cool. Keeping it cool will do something bad to the food which makes the food not eatable.  Secondly I wrote about Leftovers and Prepared Meals.  Leftover and Prepared meals can be eaten , saved Or thrown away. If you make prepared meals or see a Leftover meal, Save it or throw it away in the dumpster.Lastly, I wrote about Canned and Packaged Foods.There is alot Of Canned Foods and packeged Foods.Have you ever got Food delevered to your house from any Local Supermarket or from A Fast  Food restaurant.