Bar Graph

This Week for Maths , We had to do a bar graph about our quiz about our School Gala.

Here’s the results of my School Gala quiz .

This question is What year are you? .

Most people chose Year 5  And least colour that got voted was dark blue which mean Year one.

Year 6 had a pretty big chance of voting.

This is all the answers of all the questions about The school gala on Google Forms.

All of them seem to be having to much votes and least amount of votes . So this is what I had to do the bar graphs about on the answers.

I need to improve on doing more work about the bar graphs and doing some more data .

I did well at trying my best and doing my bar graphs correctly .

I enjoyed when we had to write the bar graphs about the School Gala answers.

Wonder SSR Selfie

This week for Reading , we are reading about a novel. Now, you might be thinking , what is a novel?

Well, a novel is a chapter book which have a lot of chapters and pages to read through. All of us had to read the novel up to page 13 then write about what has happened in the story recently on SSR Selfie.  After I did the SSR Selfie , I decided to blog it . And thats all the information on what a novel is .

I did well at writing my SSR Selfie Really quick.

I need to improve on doing more writing and some more focusing .

I enjoyed when we had to read the novel about a ordinary boy .

Alternative Endings

Throughout this year, our Writing group has learnt different aspects of writing a narrative story. This week’s task was to “finish” 6 stories we chose out of the slides Miss Tele’a provided.  My favourite ending I wrote was for the story Callum’s Gaming Day, because it was a day for Callum to have fun and play games all day .  I did well at writing cool endings for my stories. I need to improve on thinking of some more endings and ideas. I enjoyed writing endings for some stories and making them interesting.

SSR Selfie

This Week For Reading , We did our usual work. We did some Read Theory and had Completed 5 x Quizzes. After that , we went on Epic Books and had to find a book to read and do a SSR Selfie about whether its True or not. Mine was fake. So that was it.

I need to improve on doing more work.

I enjoyed when we read a book on epic and did the quizes on Read Theory.

I did well at trying my best on everything.

Fijian Language Week

Ni sa yadra! This week is Fijian Language Week.  Our task was to create a Fiji fact file with different information about Fiji, as well as create a conversation between friends in Fijian using the phrases we have been provided with.  I have learnt that Yadra  means Good Morning .  I have also learnt that Vacava Tiko means How are You ?. 

I did well at trying my best and doing awesome.

I need to improve on doing more stuff and looking better.

I enjoyed this task because once we were done with doing everything on the slide, we had to find where our teacher put a long sentence for us to use.

Term 3 Review

In LS1, this term was full of exciting things like Swimming, Art , Writing & Maths.

Thinking back on the last few months, I’m so happy about All of our work that we did which was fun to do. Like Kahoot for Writing.

I’ve been busy with all sorts of subjects, but the best part about Term 3 for me was Inquiry. I liked The Science experiments but the sad thing is that we can’t do them anymore.

When it comes to reading, my favourite text I read was Bok Choy.  I most enjoyed Epic books in reading.

Writing was super fun, especially when I got to the narrative part to write in.

My favourite task in writing this term was The Kahoot because We got to answer every quiz that we knew the answer to for fun.

In Maths, I especially enjoyed when we learnt about Pencil code because We’d get to create shapes, Take pictures of them and create the best things of all.

For our special Inquiry experiments, I really enjoyed The melting ice and the Dancing Raisins. Because It looked like they were having a party in the jug but in reality, They are just dancing.

In P.E. (Physical Education), I had a blast participating in Football because It was so fun to kick the ball around and do some kicks and play football with Coach Francis. I liked the part when he told us he was a real soccer player a long times ago.He even showed us his shirt.

I learnt how to do high kicks, And most of all I learned how to be a good sportsmanship.

But you know what? I also found some areas where I can get even better. Like in reading About the read aloud Slides.

While I loved writing, I’ve noticed I need to work on My Persuasive speech and do some more thinking on writing.

Maths was interesting, but I want to get better at fractions.

In our special projects, I realised I need to work on Doing Teamwork and actually be really helpful.

In P.E., I think I could improve, especially in Football .

Looking forward to the next term, I’m excited about Art, Kahoot and Writing.

To sum it up, this term was really fun, and I’m thankful for All the fun stuff we did in term 3 like the dot art.

Thinking about what I liked and what I can improve helps me understand How to be better at helping others.

I can’t wait to see what the next term brings, and I’m ready to Learn better. Here is what our old memories look like at the pools. I’s especially looking forward for Prizegiving, Athaletics, The Film Festabal and Cross country. I need to improve on doing some more work to do some more awsome fun activities. I enjoyed whe  we had to write a lot of stuff about what we liked this term. I did well at trying my best on doing some aswome fun things.

Clean Up the Ocean – SSR Selfie

This week for Reading, We did some pretty fun stuff. We had to take a google form first about reading. Then we had to choose any book on epic to read about and write about on our SSR Selfie. After that , we had to complete 5 Read Theory quiz’s and we had to blog about them. We did This Reading task to Revise Skills needed to read for meaning and understanding. We had to Revise our Comprehension skills. I need to improve on doing more work and focusing on my usual task. I enjoyed when we did the google form  about how we enjoyed doing Reading This term. I did well at trying my best at my normal work.

Speech Competion

This week on Wednesday,We had a speech compition.They all had diffrent speeches to show to us and read about to us.Some of them didn’t need to use cue cards to read.They read it a lot and remembered the whole thing ! Isn’t that crasy ? Anyways the one person who said the whole thing without using the cue cards was Marcel.Marcel was so immpresive to listen at ,That he even achevied 3 ceterficates .I was proud at him.He tried his hardest and his best and has never became so happy ! I learned that we can work together and get great and awsome awards and prises.I enjoyed when we had to watch all of the people say their speeches in the finals.I did well and listening to them and not talking.

Changing Matter

In Reading This week,We learned on how to Revise Skills needed to read for meaning and understanding. We did some spelling and we logged on to epicbooks which is a free reading website for anyone ! If your wondering, What Changing Matter is,It is not about your feelings.They are asking you a science question ! If you love Reading, Head onto Epicbooks by copying and pasting this link here:’s it for My Reading Task !

I learned that We should try harder on our impresive work.I enjoyed when we did the story on epicbooks.I did well and doing some great and awsome work.

Week 5 Swimming

This week For HPE also Heath Positive Education,We did some swimming on Thrusdays.We did some Tsunami Games to learn how to survive it.Then we did some floating on our backs on the water.Then when we were finished We went to the changing rooms and got changed and said bye to the workers.  I really need to work on doing some better changes at swimming.  I enjoyed when we did the swimming games.  I did well at trying my best and listening really good.