Albert Einstein

Hi guys! This week for Inquiry I had to learn about what a scientist does.  We discussed as a class with Miss Tele’a what scientists do and what different fields of study they work in. We then did some research on a scientist we pick.  I chose to research about Albert Einstein.  Einstein had a hard time when he was young on learning how to speak. This may be why he didn’t even pass his college entrance exam. He ended up becoming a great scientist in the 1900’s and is probably the most famous scientist.

I enjoyed this task because I had to research about Albert Einstein and it makes me have to find mysterys.

I need to improve on Explaining it more better and doing the research properly.

I did well at Researching and writing about him.

Taisorn Swimming Expectations

Hi guys ! This week for PB4L We have been learning about Swimming Expectations and how to use them.I wrote a lot of them and the most important one wrote in all capitals letters.  These rules are very important for you if you go to the pools.  I wish you will learn a lot of rules from this post about the pool rules and to not run.

Taisorn Suspenseful Beggining

This week for Writing, we did some suspenseful Beginnings and We wrote about the movie we just watched .It was about Jurrassic World and we had to create a suspenseful Beginning For the movie.I created What happened First, Second and Third.So here is whatyou need to write a suspenseful beginning.You have to include What happned first second and third and you have to include Smell, see touch and taste .Then you can get some info about how to create a suspenseful Beginning every time after you watched a movie/video.I did well at Writing A suspenseful beginning about

Jurassic World.And I need to improve on Explanning what happened in the movie if I blog about it.I mostly enjoyed about the Suspenseful beginning was when I had to create a suspenseful beginning for the movie.

Detectives for the Mystery at Wharepuni Estate

This week in reading we were detectives and had a big inferencing task  that was assigned by Miss Tele’a. My partner Carlo and I, were solving a crime of who stole the missing taonga at the Wharepuni Estate. We had to make inferences so we could knew who it was.  We infer that it was Tama Tuhi.  Because we found his footprints starting from the taonga to the garden.  He was hiding in the bushes and wanted to steal it because he didn’t want to feel guilty if they found it.

I enjoyed trying to find who the culprit was because it was fun.

I did well at using the evidence to make inferences.


Do not litter in the ocean because Sea cretures are getting killed by Waste getting into their mouth.If you see a fish that is choking because of rubbish , Rescue it immidently By taking the rubbish out.I hope you get more info about why you should not throw rubbish into the sea/ocean .

Taisorn Ask Questions

This Week We have been Learing About Asking Questions about the characters in the story. Here is What I wrote about in the picture.I was writing some stuff about him to describe him and about how he feels and his actions.Lastly I wrote some questions for the author About the story .I had to write the Authors answers In the bottom right corner.I hope you learn true stuff about questions about any story your Adult asks you about.

Taisorn Food Safety Article

Dry goods are some sort of food that is dry and is supposed to be put in the freezer top or bottom because it makes it really cool/cold.  Food Safety UK says “Knowing how to store, cook and reheat food at home helps improve food safety and reduce food waste. This page has advice on some common household food safety questions like the sniff test and the egg float test.”

Leftovers and prepared meals are Foods that are prepared by people and Leftovers are Foods that everyone finishes eating and there is some leftovers. Food Safety UK says “Leftovers are surplus foods remaining unconsumed at the end of a meal, which may be put in containers with the intention of eating later. Inedible remains like bones are considered waste, not leftovers.” Depending on the situation, the amount of food, and the type of food, leftovers may be saved or thrown away. At home we can store leftovers and prepared meals by using storage containers. If freezing, we should wrap portions tightly in plastic wrap and place them in freezer-safe zip-top bags.  In the refrigerator, these dishes can be stored for three to four days. In the freezer, pasta and grains can be stored for up to three months.

Canned and packaged foods are”Processed foods” include those that have been cooked, canned, frozen, packaged or nutritionally altered by fortifying, preserving or preparing it in different ways. In other words, any time we cook, bake or prepare a food, we’re creating processed food. At home we can store canned and packaged foods properly byStoring them in a clean, cool, dark, dry place. Don’t store near hot pipes, a range, a furnace, in an uninsulated attic, or in direct sunlight. Under these conditions, food will lose quality in a few weeks or months and may spoil.

At home we can store dry goods properly by storing dried foods in clean, dry home canning jars, plastic freezer containers with tight-fitting lids or in plastic freezer bags. Vacuum packaging is also a good option. Pack foods in amounts that can be used all at once.


Here is my planning and how I wrote this article.

This week for Writing we have been writing about Food Safety and how to not make it go rotten/bad.First, I wrote about dry goods.  Dry goods are important to keep it dry and not cool. Keeping it cool will do something bad to the food which makes the food not eatable.  Secondly I wrote about Leftovers and Prepared Meals.  Leftover and Prepared meals can be eaten , saved Or thrown away. If you make prepared meals or see a Leftover meal, Save it or throw it away in the dumpster.Lastly, I wrote about Canned and Packaged Foods.There is alot Of Canned Foods and packeged Foods.Have you ever got Food delevered to your house from any Local Supermarket or from A Fast  Food restaurant.

Taisorn Character Mind Map

My name is Taisorn and This week we have been learing about Characters and creating a Mind map for them .First I chose my Character then I chose his Feelings Then I wrote about him on why he was shy on seeing his Mama Waiting for him When he got off the bus .So I hope you can Get some Words or Info About how to create A mind map for any character in a story.

Measuring Volume

This week we learned about Measuring Volume with Miss White for Maths.  Volume is how much space an object takes up.  We had to measure how many unilink cubes it took to fill different items.  We measured a cardboard box using those cubes.  I hope you get more information from this blog post I wrote.