Taisorn T3 Read Alouds

This week for Reading , We were learning about Fluency.We can normally Read with fluency and practise reading with it.Fluency is the ablility to read a text accurately,quickly, and with expression.We can improve our fluency in reading by reading for enjoyment.  I need to improve on reading perfect and not sounding like a robot.  I did well at reading the text.I enjoyed whne we had to record ourselves reading the story.

Dancing Raisins


For Inquiry this week we did a science experement .We observated and described the behavior of raisins in a carbonated beverage.I predicted it would explode,Make bubbles or even dance in the sprite .I was right about the dancing .Seems like they like dancing in sprite .I need to improve on helping my team puting the stuff in.I enjoyed when the raisins were dancing with the cashews .I just need to improve on listening on stuff.

Taisorn Science Words and Definitions Table

This week we learned about Science experiments.We learned about the hard words about science and the definition of what the word means.We used wordhippo .Wordhippo is a website that can give your any meaning of any word and it can give you more than that.It can give you diffrent words that mean the same thing as the thing your searching up.Fore more information , Use Wordhippo or Kiddle for facts about science.I need to improve on writing a better meaning of a word.I enjoyed researching about the word meaning on wordhippo.I need to focus on Listening about the instructions.

Taisorn No Rhyme Spotlight

This week for Reading We read a story called No Rhyme. Then we had to do Some Spotlights about some of the words in the spotlight then we did a sacawac.A sacawac is a thing where the words you know what it means goes into jail and your have to free him about by questions. I need to improve on finding out what more words mean. I enjoyed when we had to try to free the words out of jail. I need to have fun on having time to read a poem or a story.

Taisorn Beginning Middle End

This week for Writing we did a narrative plan on pixton.Everyone made a writing plan about rubbish .I made one two and this is my plan. I need to improve on finishing my plan faster and not taking a long time.I liked when we had to create our plan on pixton and your chracters. I need to keep concerntrating on finishing work. Here is the link to Pixton.:https://www.pixton.com/ Copy this url to your webpage and press enter and create an account.

Taisorn Place Value

This week for Maths We learned about Place Value to show how we worked out maths problems.Here is an example:

431 + 258

1 + 8 = 9

30 + 50 = 80 

400 + 200 = 600

600 + 80 + 9 = 689 .That is how you do the Place values if it is hard, or easy.I needed to improve on doing the Place values right.I liked when we had to take pictures of showing how we worked it out on paper.I must listen on how to do it  better. 

Taisorn Poem Visualising

For reading this week, we have been learning how to identify specific nouns, verbs, adjectives, and sensory details from the text to show the scene vividly.  A noun is a person or object or even animal.  Verbs are action words.  Adjectives tell you more information about nouns by describing them.  Sensory details help us to imagine how something looks, feels, smells, and feels.

My group read the story No Rhyme by Tim Upperton.

Taisorn NZ Caveman-Vocabulary, Taisorn NZ Caveman SACAWAC Words out of Jail & Taisorn T3 Read Alouds

Hi guys! This week for reading I did three things that were different to what we usually do.  For our first week we focused on vocabulary in the story NZ Caveman.  Our first vocabulary task was degrees of meaning where we discussed with a partner whether we think example A or B used the word better.  The second vocabulary task was when we had to SACAWAC some words out of jail.  Our biggest task was recording ourselves reading our text and then marking ourselves on a fluency rubric.

Narrative Elements in Fast and Furious

Hi guys! My name is Taisorn and this week for writing we learned about The Five Narrative Elements.  The five elements are character, setting, plot, conflict and theme.  Character is the who of a story. Setting is the where and when of a story. The plot is the what of the story. Conflict is the why of the story. Theme is the message of the story. So that is the five story elements.  My task was to find examples of the elements in a narrative story.  I chose to find them in the film “Fast and Furious.”